• We can provide one to one bespoke services tailored to your particular requirements

  • We can be recruited to work on projects singularly as individuals with particular skills, or collaboratively as a team with a broader range of skills

  • We are individuals who bring a broad range of relevant qualifications, skills and experience in the field of Mental Health

  • Working with your organisation in the development of personalised systems and approaches.

  • Supporting service users and staff to achieve personal goals


We believe that better safety systems and planning can act positively to enhance an individuals experience of support, promote positive risk taking as people develop their links to community and life, whilst also ensuring attention to the wellbeing of staff and organisations.


We believe in observing the dignity of individuals using mental health services, recognising their inherent expertise in their own life journeys and in creating systems and services that allow their perceptions to be embraced.


We believe in the importance of recognising and building on strengths, in order to discover realistic and meaningful solutions. We feel that problems are real and need to be identified, but are better understood within a holistic assessment that also recognises positive aspects of individuals lives and experience in order to promote self directed positive planning.